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Sentinel Protection offers a wide array of diverse services to support you and your business. In addition to our security services, we also offer assistance with other daily operations, such as providing Security Managers, certified facility training, and much more.

Take a look at our facility support service offerings below.

Assistance with Daily Operations

The facility Security Manager is a vital employee for your business, and the right one can help you avoid organizational liability and decrease exposure to litigation. In making this choice, please consider a candidate from Sentinel Protection Solution.

Our Security Manager candidates have extensive Missouri law enforcement or public safety career backgrounds. The candidates are well versed in state regulations, security audits, contractor vetting, loss prevention tactics, security/surveillance system repair, state reporting requirements, NIH hazard communication programs, and can instruct all required on-boarding and annual employee training. Our Managers can interactively develop a customized and compliant facility security plan, or implement the one submitted as part of your approved application. They can also create operating procedures that will safely guide your team during all phases of operation. The Security Manager will strive to foster an open and collaborative relationship with representatives of local law enforcement and state regulatory inspectors to illustrate compliance and evaluate policy efficacy. Additionally, the Security Manager will implement an internal anti-diversion program, paired with a systematic review of facility surveillance and electronic security data, to assist management’s lead in taking an active stance against product diversion.

If you would like to speak about a Security Manager, that each facility shall employ per state regulations, please call us today.

The Private Security Officer is a vital employee for our business.

Our Officers have extensive law enforcement or military career backgrounds. The candidates are well versed in all state regulations, contractor vetting, loss prevention tactics, security/surveillance systems. All Officers are thoroughly put through all necessary background checks and licensing. 

If you would like to speak about a Private Security Officer, please call us today.

The presence of an on-site Sentinel Protection officer helps deter criminal activity before it begins. Our officers are attentive, alert, professional and, most importantly, visible. Many of them are off-duty law enforcement officers, and all of them have passed Sentinel’s rigorous training program.

A Sentinel Protection officer’s presence sends a message to would-be criminals that we are watching your property all of the time. When nothing happens, we have done our job.

Personal Protection Officers (PPOs) are much more than a large man in a suit with dark sunglasses leading a celebrity to their car. Although that’s what the media portrays, PPO services are for anyone who feels threatened, or has a concern about their personal safety and feels that a security officer can help. Whether you want to hire a PPO or security guard for an event, a time when you’re traveling, or even just day-to-day errands, Sentinel Protection officers can help keep you safe.

All PPOs at Sentinel Security possess a certain set of skills that will ensure your safety no matter where you are. Our highly-trained staff can:

  • See and hear everything going on
  • Assess the strength of your security
  • Read people around you and assess their motives
  • Engage in surveillance and counter-surveillance measures

Sentinel Protection is known for providing highly trained and disciplined armed security guards. We go above and beyond the required standards for our officers and ensure that extra rigorous training is completed and applied with the utmost care and professionalism. We set ourselves above other security companies because the majority of our commissioned security officers are Missouri/ Kansas Police Officers. We implement the same use-of-force continuum that other law enforcement agencies use. These policies describe an escalating series of actions an officer may take to resolve a situation.

Security Officer Outside Building

Our commissioned security officers are authorized to carry firearms and have completed advanced security training, ensuring we comply with all guidelines that an individual must follow to carry a weapon on duty. A commissioned security officer has a strong sense of integrity, is extremely aware of his surroundings and is able to stay calm and level-headed in life threatening situations. An armed security guard is highly recommended in locations where: Large sums of money are involved, valuable and expensive items are in need of protection, and a higher level of security is needed.

Armed Security Guards for High Net Worth Individuals

Having armed security officers does not just offer peace of mind. It also provides a layer of protection in the event of an actual threat or violent act. Knowing that an exceptionally trained security officer with a gun is on hand helps diffuse or minimize situations that could lead to threats, injury, or worse.

Another benefit to having armed security officer protection on hand is that it acts as a deterrent. Seeing a Level III security officer on the premises can take away the desire for an individual to cause trouble or break the law. You may never know how many threats you avoided by hiring a licensed armed security officer from Tx2 Security. However, you can be assured that the mere presence of a professional armed security officer sends a clear message: You are prepared.

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