24/7 Protection, Monitoring, and Deterrence

Sentinel Protection supplies local, experienced, trained Security Officers for your property. Our Security Officers are often off-duty police officers, firefighters, EMS personnel, or former US Military members. In addition to their public safety experience and expertise, we personally train our security officers to meet industry standards and regulations, including training on how to properly screen qualifying patients. They will be familiar with your facility’s emergency and security systems, and can coordinate the proper response to facility emergencies. Security Officers are also trained in life-saving measures such as First-Aid, CPR and AED operation.

Since our officers are hired locally, they know and understand the local community. Our officers demonstrate a quiet professionalism that will seamlessly integrate with your facility’s culture, environment, and location.

Based on your facility’s needs, our officers can be outfitted with different classifications of arms.

Video Surveillance

The Sentinel team will get to know your facility’s layout and security needs, then design a custom, unified video surveillance system throughout your facility. We will consult in camera placement, security integration, and networking requirements to ensure the system is optimized and functional to meet the states requirements. Our team will make sure that this critical aspect of your security fits your needs and is always up to date.

Our network certified installers and dealers will install and maintain your new surveillance equipment with security monitoring in mind. Our team will maintain proper integration and record management, as well as record storage.

Unified Access Control

Access control is a critical component in the cannabis industry. Unauthorized access to certain places is one of the biggest issues within facility security. Our team will create and assign levels of controlled access based on the roles or functions of your team members.

Access control also must be paired with your video surveillance in order to properly create an audit trail for any suspicious activity. Our team will develop a system that will provide a centralization of information for proper incident management recording and also state and local record management requirements. Access card management, FOB, biometric access are just a few ways we can provide user access management. Access control will also be tied to technologies like motion, glass-break, and bash sensors to help protect your facility and product storage.

Hire an experienced professional in your facility……not a liability.

To learn more about our team’s background in providing high-quality, custom security and monitoring systems, read more about our Security/Surveillance Director, Randy tanner here.

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